December 2019 Set.

amisbahudeen amisbahudeen

Trust me, you've done very well and I'm glad I'm taking this course.

bayealfa8 bayealfa8

I applied to learn and understand marketing better to enable me position my business when it eventually comes around. I thought marketing was shouting "RT, my customer is on your TL" and that Marketing was advertising. Thank you for correcting that notion. Also, our tutor takes his time to break things down as much as possible. Thank you

Seun Akinade

The lectures are moderate and enlightening. It has created a broader pictures about the concept of marketing. It has taught me that marketing deals more about the customers.

Oluwalotomiisin Ajewole

The class was amazing,I remember the tutor saying that "you do not make a lock and then start looking for a key,but the other way around." That phrase caught my attention so much that I had to pen it down and another thing I learnt was also that;Marketing is not about the Marketer,but the Customer and it includes their Wants and Needs.

Hope Oluwayomi

Marketing was explained in detail and moreso it was made easy to comprehend. I enjoyed the way Toni taught, he served each class like a delicious meal.

David-Daniel Adesanya

When I registered for the training, I knew that the information i would get will be top-notch, but I didn't know the form it would take. I was kind of expecting some technical terms which could make learning a little bit difficult. The training has been anything but difficult. I enjoy reading through the notes, which are easy to follow and understand, the terms we hear often when people talk about marketing were broken down to aid assimilation. Overall, I have enjoyed this training. I look forward to taking and passing the exam. Thank you TheToniSmart Team.

David Iyanu

It's being enlightening really. I could never have thought or even see a need to understand marketing. This class has really set me on a part of zeal to really le5arn about marketing and focus more on my customers not myself. I admit I have been doing a lot of guess before now. I enjoyed that I was involved; able to ask questions, share my thoughts, do home works. A Big thank you to Tonismart

Mayowa David

It was a great experience, learnt a whole lot that's shaping how I do business today. I love the teacher's knowledge, consistency and teaching ability.

Temidayo Olayinka

The Smart Academy has been an eye opener. I now understand that lowering price is not a good market strategy and to make good sales, I have to sell products that made people feel they spent their money well, make them comfortable and satisfied.

Cynthia Amuda

First, I'm grateful to the teacher for being so smart and so patient. The teachings have been easy to understand, the teacher is accessible which is very good for learning. I trust it gets better but as for this one, Great Job!.

Olumide Akinpelumi

The Smart Academy is the bomb. I never thought of marketing as a career but after I saw what it entails I know that was my calling. It paved a way and made me realize the power of marketing.

Bibitayo Akinyeju

Though it's the first training I'm paying for, but compared to other trainings I've attended, it has been worth it more than the money and you personally get to apply the things you are learning. Never give something this valuable for free in order for it to be appreciated and treasured

Taiyewo Fawole

The training has been an illuminating one. The teacher has been able to dispell and correct my notion of what true marketing should be. Through the training, I have been able to identify those unnoticed things that make a business successful and those that make a business a failure.Generally, the training has been an educative one.

Peter Ekundayo

This class is greatly informative, educative. It is an Eye-opener on the true definition of marketing. The class has sharpened my understanding on the expansion of marketing without restriction to one field(advertising for sales). I learnt the diversity and the expansion on marketing as a field of study that is important for the producers, clients, and products itself. I will advise many manufacturers, producers, brands, companies, enrol for the next training. The training is just the best on marketing for both beginners and gurus in business.

Ruby Onagwa

I love that the teaching class and discussion room are separated....really cool. Great job actually, I love the discussions.

Enuenwemba Obodo

The training is a good one. It has helped me understand that marketing is a lot of communication and all about the customer. I need to know how to use my time better in order to maximize it. I really wish to maximize it. The teacher is very detailed and too detailed which is a very good one. This helped a lot. Thanks