How to be Creative


The plot twist is simple, the moment I can teach you how to be creative, I have defeated the idea of creativity. However, it is practically impossible to teach one to be creative but you can guide one to be creative. This is my school of thought and you can debate it. Creativity is learnt by you being creative.

So, here I'm not going to be telling you how to creatively provide solutions to every problem out there (you see why it is impossible?) But I can give you an idea on how to spur the creativity in you.

First of, remember when you were a kid, how you were stupid enough to try the impossible? Jump tall walls without thinking if you'd fall or get injured? That's one attitude you must learn to revive back and it is what I term the risk taking ability. The kid will darn every consequence to see his desires met. So, you must learn a cue from the kid and get ready to take risks. If you cannot take risks, you cannot explore creativity. The more the risk, the more the creativity involved.

Secondly, put yourself in the position of solving problems regularly. No matter how minute or how difficult a problem is try to provide a solution. Think through it into the most likely outcome and choose the best of outcomes. Personally, I put myself out there in public enough to receive questions and problems that I should help solve. The more problems you solve, the more creative you become.

Thirdly, learn to brainstorm through stuff. Give yourself time to think through concepts, ideas, etc. Break them down into bits and analyse them in bits. Also, every now and then, take difficult concepts and try to simplify them. For example, I studied Education English in school but most times, I am reading research works on psychology, philosophy, microeconomics, marketing, etc., and because they can be very complex, I take my time to understand every technicalities involved and then explain them in simpler ways.

You must be confident in yourself also. Once you feel you are not good enough, you cannot think properly enough to produce creative results. So, trust yourself. Trust yourself so much that your decision making game is very strong. The ability to make very sound decision stems from how creative you are and trust me, it is a game changer. But guess what? To be a good decision maker, you have to commit to making a lot of decisions some of which might be wrong and you must accept that quick. So, trust yourself all through!

Finally, learn to question things. Ask questions of "what if." You don't have to accept every thing hook, line and sinker. There is usually a better way of doing things most times. The decision to stop following the crowd blindly is a step closer to better creative prowess.

I have ended up listing out ways of improving your creativity but know your creativity will not be improved by reading this. So, put work to action and get going. Don't be afraid of challenges! Face it.

With Love 

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Saturday, 04 December 2021
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